Wuzhong Yin: Plant Physiology First Author

Wuzhong Yin, first author of  Oryza sativa PECTIN DEFECTIVE TAPETUM1 affects anther development through a pectin-mediated signaling pathway in rice”

Current Position: Job hunting

Education: College of Agronomy and Biotechnology, Southwest University/Doctor of Agriculture College of Agronomy and Biotechnology, Southwest University/Bachelor of Science

Non-scientific Interests: mountain climbing and swimming

Brief bio:

I was born in Chengdu, the ‘Land of Abundance’ in China. I obtained my Ph.D. degree under the joint guidance of professor Guanghua He and associate professor Nan Wang in the Rice Research Institute, Southwest University. During this period, my main research direction is rice nuclear male sterility. I identified a very specific rice mutant whose abnormal pectin does not cause obvious cell wall defects, but instead regulates rice fertility through WAK family proteins, components of the pectin signaling pathway. This discovery provides new insights into how pectin in plants performs its biological functions. In the future, I hope to do more analysis and research work on key genes of crops.

姓名: 尹武中

职位: 求职中