Umidjon Shapulatov: Plant Physiology First Author

Umidjon Shapulatov, first author of “The Mediator complex subunit MED25 interacts with HDA9 and PIF4 to regulate thermomorphogenesis”

Current Position: Post-Doctoral Fellow at Temasek Life Science Laboratory, National University of Singapore, Singapore.

 Education: BSc in Biology, Gulistan state University, Uzbekistan; MSc in Biotechnology, National University of Uzbekistan; PhD in Plant Science, Wageningen University, the Netherlands;

 Non-scientific Interests: Tennis, reading, traveling

 Brief bio:

I have obtained my PhD degree at the Laboratory of Plant Physiology, Wageningen University in 2019 under supervision Dr Sander van der Krol. During my PhD research, I have been involved in aimed to investigate novel sustainable treatments for compact plants in greenhouse spaces. Overall, we updated the current model on the cell elongation pathway by adding new function of PIFs, MED25 and HDA9 genes that regulates auxin biosynthesis under altered light and elevated temperature.

My current post doc research focuses on exploring how ABA hormone signaling interacts with other signaling pathways in the context of the environmental changes.