Peng Liu: Plant Physiology First Author

Peng Liu, co-first author of “Enhanced genome-wide association reveals the role of YABBY11-NGATHA-LIKE1 in leaf serration development of Populus

Current Position: Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI), bioinformatics engineer

Education: 2018-2021 Master of Tree Genetics and Breeding, Beijing Forestry University.

Non-scientific Interests: Music and sports

Brief biography: From 2018 to 2121, I was studied in the Department of Tree Genetics and Breeding of Beijing Forestry University, and has been following Professor Yuepeng Song to conduct research on forest molecular breeding and genomics since entering in 2018, mainly focusing on leaf configuration and plasticity of Populus. After graduation, I worked at BGI, engaged in bioinformatics analysis. In this study, we profiled two distinct leaf morphology types (serrated and smooth) using the PHMF in two poplar species. A combined GWAS and eQTN mapping were applied to create a leaf morphology control module using data from Populus tomentosa and Populus simonii populations. Natural variation in leaf margins was associated with YAB11 transcript abundance in poplar, and the early termination of YAB11 translation led to the loss of positive regulation of NGAL1 and RBCL. In conclusion, in poplars, In poplar, YAB11-NGAL1 modules which is sensitive to environmental conditions regulate nature variation of poplar leaf serrations and increase stomatal density and light damage repair ability.