Did you know? This January is the Global Plant Science Event Calendar’s First Anniversary!

Our Global Calendar project was initiated on January 2nd, 2019 in an effort to collect and curate all of the plant science events of interest to our community. Agrisera, our calendar sponsor, recognized the need for scientists and exhibitors to have a comprehensive list of events and approached us with the idea and offer of support to create this resource. 

We hope that our community calendar helps you keep up to date with what is happening in the plant science industry, share news of your own events and make decisions about which conferences to attend. 

With help from Agrisera and our amazing community, The Global Plant Science Events Calendar has collected over 200 events! Of these events, 131 happened in 2019. It is only January, and we already have 72 events on the books for 2020 and 2 events for 2021! We look forward to seeing what new events you learn about and contribute each month. 

The events contributed span a wide range of topics. This wordcloud show gives an overview of some of the most popular terms in event titles.

We will continue to celebrate the anniversary of The Global Plant Science Events Calendar for the entire month. Watch this space and stay tuned for more information about the calendar and what’s next for the new year!