Taiyu Chen: The Plant Cell First Author

Taiyu Chen, first author of “Producing fast and active Rubisco in tobacco to enhance photosynthesis”

Current Position: Postdoctoral researcher at Huazhong Agricultural University/The University of Liverpool (UK)

Education:  Ph.D., Huazhong Agricultural University, China

Non-scientific Interests: Running

Brief bio: My doctoral and postdoctoral projects have been focusing on genetic improvement of plant photosynthesis. In 2018-2020, I was supported by the International Postdoctoral Exchange Fellowship Program from China Postdoctoral Science Foundation and joined Professor Luning Liu’s group at the University of Liverpool, United Kingdom. My current project is funded by the UK Leverhulme Trust research grant and is aimed at utilizing the CO2-concentrating mechanism (CCM) from bacteria to optimize the photosynthetic efficiency of crop plants. We have successfully expressed and assembled a Form 1A Rubisco from a chemoautotrophic bacterium in tobacco chloroplasts. The transgenic plants showed a similar growth rate as wild type in air supplemented with 1% CO2. The findings represent a step towards installing fast, highly active Rubisco into plants to improve crop plant photosynthesis and growth.







我的博士和博士后课题一直聚焦于植物光合作用遗传改良。2018-2020年,我受中国博士后基金国际交流项目派出计划的资助,加入利物浦大学刘鲁宁教授课题组。目前的课题获英国Leverhulme Trust 项目资助,主要聚焦于利用细菌二氧化碳浓缩机制来优化植株光合作用效率,成功在烟草叶绿体中表达了来源于Halothiobacillus neapolitanus Form 1A型 Rubisco。转基因植株在1% CO2条件下表现出和野生型一样的生长速率。研究结果在利用快速、高活性的 Rubisco 以改善作物光合作用和生长的方向迈出了重要的一步。