Shuxian Huang: The Plant Cell First Author

Shuxian Huang, first author of “The plant ESCRT component FREE1 regulates peroxisome-mediated turnover of lipid droplets in germinating Arabidopsis seedlings”

Current Position:  Research Associate, School of Life Sciences, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Education: Ph.D. in The Chinese University of Hong Kong; M.S. in Peking University; B.S. in Nanjing Agricultural University

Non-scientific Interests: hiking, cooking

Brief bio:

I started my PhD study in field of plant cell biology in Prof Liwen Jiang’s lab. We have recently characterized a plant unique ESCRT (Endosomal Sorting Complex Required for Transport) component termed FREE1 (FYVE domain protein required for endosomal sorting 1) which plays multiple functional roles in regulating MVB (multivesicular body) biogenesis, MVB-vacuole trafficking, autophagosome–vacuole fusion and vacuole formation in Arabidopsis. My PhD thesis research aimed to investigate a new function and underlying mechanism of FREE1 in regulating LD (Lipid droplets) turnover in germinating Arabidopsis seedlings. We showed that FREE1 is essential for peroxisomal extension and trafficking of the lipase SDP1 to LDs. This study thus unveils a new function of the plant unique ESCRT component in a non-endosomal organelle.





个人简介:在姜里文教授实验室,我开始进入植物细胞生物学研究领域。我们的实验室最近发现了一种植物独特的 ESCRT (运输所需的内体分选复合物)成分,称为 FREE1(内体分选所需的 FYVE 结构域蛋白 1),它在调节MVB (多泡体) 的形成过程中起重要作用,并且参与拟南芥中 MVB-液泡运输、自噬体-液泡融合和液泡形成。我博士期间重点研究 FREE1 在调节拟南芥脂滴降解的新功能及其机制。我们报道了 FREE1 调节过氧化物酶体的延伸和脂肪酶 SDP1 向 LD 的运输。这个研究揭示植物特异性 ESCRT 成分在非内体细胞器中起作用。