Shiquan Bian: Plant Physiology First Author

Shiquan Bian, first author of “NtMYB305a Binds to the Jasmonate-Responsive GAG Region of NtPMT1a Promoter to Regulate Nicotine Biosynthesis”

Current Position: Ph.D. Candidate, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Education: Bachelor, Qingdao Agricultural University; Master, Yangzhou University

Non-scientific Interests:  Reading, Music

Brief bio:

I joined Professor Hongbo Zhang’s research team at the Functional Component Research Center of Tobacco Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and began my PhD study in 2018. During this period, my main research task is to study the regulation of nicotine biosynthesis in tobacco. We found that R2R3-MYB transcription factor NtMYB305a specifically recognizes and binds to the AT-rich motif of the jasmonate-responsive GAG region within the promoter of NtPMT1a, encoding putrescine N-methyltransferase that catalyzes the first-committed step of nicotine biosynthesis. Functional studies revealed that NtMYB305a positively regulates nicotine biosynthesis in tobacco, and cooperates with bHLH transcription factor NtMYC2a to regulate this process. This work sheds novel insights into the molecular regulation of nicotine biosynthesis.