Shaopeng Li: The Plant Cell First Author

Shaopeng Li, first author of “LeafNet: A Tool for Segmenting and Quantifying Stomata and Pavement Cells”

Current Position: PhD candidate at Wuhan University, China

Education: B.S., Wuhan University, China

Non-scientific Interests: Reading

Brief bio: In 2018, I finished my undergraduate study in Biology at Wuhan University. I continued to start my PhD program in Dr. Yu Zhou’s lab at Wuhan University. My research projects are related to bioinformatics and functional genomics. Currently, I focused on applying deep learning methods to solve several biological questions, especially for bio-images processing and integrative RNA-seq data analysis. With my first research work published in The Plant Cell, I am strongly encouraged to continue developing new methods for the biology community.





简历:2018年加入周宇老师实验室以来,本人一直致力于将近期的计算机科学进展应用于生物学研究,特别是生物图像处理领域与RNA测序数据处理领域。在The Plant Cell期刊上发表的第一篇研究成果将激励我进一步为生物学研究领域开发新的数据分析方法。