Shakirah Nakasagga: Plant Direct Author

Shakirah Nakasagga, first author of “Genetic variation in hydrogen cyanide potential of perennial sorghum evaluated by colorimetry”

Current Position:

Instructor, Southeast Missouri State University


Ph.D. in Plant Breeding from Texas A & M University

Non-scientific Interests:

Cooking, Travelling, Taking care of young children

Brief bio:

I got my doctorate in plant breeding from Texas A & M University specifically worked on perennial sorghum. My research entailed estimating hydrogen cyanide potential, biomass yield and UAS-based regrowth in perennial sorghum and Zea derived lines. I worked with Dr. Seth Murray and a team from the Land Institute, Dr. Stanton T. Cox and Dr. Pheonah Nabukalu. This research was funded by the Land Institute through the generous donation of Mr. Bob Hatch. There is ongoing research on developing a perennial grain sorghum to meet the food/feed demand of an increasing population especially in East Africa. I worked on the same project for my master’s degree in plant breeding at Makerere University from Uganda. I am a Ugandan by descent. Perennial systems are not only advantageous in providing food for an extended period but also offer ecological benefits such as reduction in soil erosion, carbon sequestration etc.