Seungjun Shin: Plant Physiology First Author

Seungjun Shin, first author of “Early seed development requires the A-type ATP-binding cassette protein ABCA10”

Current Position: Ph.D. student at the Laboratory of Plant Cell Biology, Pohang University of Science and Technology, Pohang, Korea

Education: B.S., Pohang University of Science and Technology, Pohang, Korea

Non-scientific Interests: Swimming, traveling, watching movies

Brief bio: My interest in plant science was started from my youth. At that time, my father was teaching life science in high school and, whenever we go hiking surround my hometown, he always told me the knowledge of biology. Also, I usually watched documentary programs which were about the destruction of the nature environment where ecosystem is maintained. This incited me to enter the department of Life Sciences in POSTECH, South Korea. During the bachelor degree program, I could learn various plant-related experiments via experimental lectures and realized the broadness of knowledge of plant development. I especially enjoyed the experiments from professor Youngsook Lee’s laboratory because this lab primarily dealt with the plant science related to improvement of environments and bioenergy production. This led me to enter this laboratory and start master and doctoral integrated degree course. Here, I started to study the development of plant seed which is important for plant inheritance, species propagation and energy source for living things on earth. I could successfully finalize my research of identifying function of novel ABC transporter essential for early seed development. I believe the plant is the best solution for making the earth the better place for living things!