Sabrina Elena Sanchez: Plant Physiology First Author

Sabrina Elena Sanchez, co-first author of “PICLN modulates alternative splicing and light/temperature responses in plants”

Current Position: Research Assistant.  Fundación Instituto Leloir, CONICET, Bs.As., Argentina


PhD. in Biological Sciences. FCEyN, UBA, Argentina, 2011

B.S. in Biological Sciences. FCEyN, UBA, Argentina, 2004

Non-scientific Interests: Travelling, spending time with friends and family, enjoying nature.

Brief bio: How cells with the same genome can differentiate that much and originate a whole organism, was the question that drove me to study cellular and molecular biology when I was a high-school student. Then, as undergraduate student I discovered the great universe of plants and how a beautiful model they are to study complex pathways. My PhD research, done in Argentina under the leadership of Dr. Marcelo Yanovsky, contributed to understand how a molecule connects two essential molecular mechanisms: alternative splicing and the circadian clock. After my PhD, I moved to California to join Dr. Steve Kay laboratory, where I studied how light signals are transduced and how they synchronize the molecular clock. After several years of research abroad, I returned to Argentina and explored the link between alternative splicing and plant physiology, focusing on how abiotic factors such as light and temperature are able to modulate plant development and the role of the alternative splicing on that regulation.