RGF1 controls root meristem size through ROS signaling (Nature)

Stem cells are maintained in the stem-cell niche by intercellular interactions and signaling networks in which a peptide hormone, the root meristem growth factor 1 (RGF1), is involved. RGF1 is also important in the control of the size of the meristematic zone and in the stability of the PLETHORA (PLT) 1/2 proteins, which are required for stem cell maintenance; however, the downstream signaling mechanism are not well studied. Here, Yamada et al. demonstrate that in the developmental zones of the Arabidopsis root, the RGF1-receptor pathway controls the distribution of reactive oxygen species (ROS). In order to describe downstream factors in the RGF1 and ROS signalling pathway, the RGF1 transcriptome data was combined with developmental-zone-specific transcriptome data, highlighting the gene RGF1-INDUCIBLE TRANSCRIPTION FACTOR 1 (RITF1), predominantly expressed in the meristematic zone. The authors showed that RITF1 can modulate ROS signalling and root meristem size downstream of the RGF1 pathway. (Summarized by Francesca Resentini) Nature 10.1038/s41586-019-1819-6