Review. The complex zigzagging in the plant immune system (Plant Cell)

I remember when I joined my PhD lab, the first article I was recommanded was a review by Jones and Dangl (2006) titled “The plant immune system”. Even today it remains the first article given to newbies in the lab. But the field has progressed way ahead in the more than fifteen years since that article was published, with discoveries, new concepts, and even new terminology, so every time we have to share a few more articles for the updates along with the original one. But not anymore, as in a recent review by Ngou, Ding, and Jones, the authors reviewed updates in the field with lots of examples and fresh concepts. First, the authors looked at plant defense-related signaling molecules from an evolutionary perspective. PTI and ETI are two different ways of immune responses and were considered distinct for a very long time. The authors discuss how these two signaling systems are correlated. In the end, the authors beautifully give a historic overview of various key discoveries in the field of plant immune responses and future challenges the next generation of plant biologists can focus on. (Summary by Kamal Kumar Malukani @KamalMalukani) Plant Cell 10.1093/plcell/koac041