Reflections on Plant Cell Classics

In 2019, we are celebrating the 30th anniversary of The Plant Cell. In recognition of this milestone, we have solicted a series of reflections by members of the editorial board and others. We asked them to write about one or more memorable and exciting articles published in The Plant Cell, and how it influenced our current understanding.

Editorial – Reflections on Plant Cell Classics by Sabeeha S. Merchant, Mary E. Williams and Nancy Eckardt

Editorial – The Plant Cell: Beginnings by Robert B. Goldberg, Brian A. Larkins, and Ralph S. Quatrano


How Virus Resistance Provided a Mechanistic Foundation for RNA Silencing by David C. Baulcombe

Genomic Balance Plays Out in Evolution by James A. Birchler

Auxin-Mediated Cell Cycle Activation during Early Lateral Root Initiation by Siobhan M. Brady

Auxin and organogenesis: Initiation of organs and nurturing a scientific spirit by Siobhan A. Braybrook

FLOWERING LOCUS C Isolation and Characterization: Two Papers that Opened Many Doors by George Coupland

Genes Directing Flower Development in Arabidopsis by Elizabeth S. Dennis and William James Peacock

The Discovery of Plant D-type Cyclins by Lieven De Veylder

DREB Duo Defines Distinct Drought and Cold Response Pathways by Nancy Eckardt

RPN10: A Case Study for Ubiquitin-Binding Proteins and More by Pascal Genschik

Identification of cup-shaped cotyledon: New Ways to Think about Organ Initiation by Sarah Hake

Auspicious Beginnings for the Defense Hormone Jasmonate by Gregg A. Howe

LOF and GOF alleles shed light on the molecular basis of phyB signaling in plants by Wei Hu and J. Clark Lagarias

Flor-iculture: Ellis and Dodds’ Illumination of Gene-for-Gene Biology by Jonathan D. Jones

Behind the Screen: How a Simple Seedling Response Helped Unravel Ethylene Signaling in Plants by Joseph J. Kieber and Eric Shaller

Questionomics: Using Big Data to Ask and Answer Big Questions by Daniel J. Kliebenstein

Put on Your Sunscreen: The Birth of Arabidopsis Abiotic Stress Genetics by Robert L. Last

Reflections on the issue of regulation in molecular and cellular biology by Cathie Martin and Richard A. Jorgensen

MicroRNAs in Plants: Key Findings from the Early Years by Blake C. Meyers, Michael J. Axtell

Illuminating (White and) Purple Patches by Ortrun Mittelsten Scheid

Dissecting the Biological Functions of ARF and Aux/IAA Genes by Naomi Ori

Early Leads to Mechanisms of Plant Cultivar-Specific Disease Resistance by Jane E. Parker

Reverse-Genetics of IRT1, or How to Catch an Iron Transporter and Pin It Down by Patrice A Salomé

Signal Transduction in Systemic Immunity by Steven H. Spoel

From Ethylene-Auxin Interactions to Auxin Biosynthesis and Signal Integration by Anna N. Stepanova and Jose M. Alonso

The Emergence of a Mobile Signal for Systemic Acquired Resistance by Hainan Tian and Yuelin Zhang

Understanding the Molecular Bases of Agronomic Trait Improvement in Rice by Bing Wang and Jiayang Li

All in the Family: The First Whole-genome Survey of NLR Genes by Detlef Weigel