Recognizing The Plant Cell author Ying Ju Li

Ying Ju Li, co-first author of The Arabidopsis MATERNAL EFFECT EMBRYO ARREST45 Protein Modulates Maternal Auxin Biosynthesis and Controls Seed Size by Inducing AINTEGUMENTA

Current Position: In the job

Education: BE in college of life sciences, Shangdong Agricultural University, Shangdong, China; PhD in collage of life sciences Shangdong Agricultural University

Non-scientific Interests:  Travelling, yoga and dancing

Brief bio: I have always beening a strong interest in Life Sciences. Since 2014, I have been lucky enough to join the Professor Xian Sheng Zhang’s Lab of Shandong Agricultural University and spent 6 years on fulfilling my unforgettable postgraduate career. I completed my two major works and successfully obtained my PhD with the Professor Xian Sheng Zhang and Ying Hua Su’s help. During this time, my research “Integration of pluripotency pathways regulates stem cell maintenance in the Arabidopsis shoot meristem” was published in the PNAS. The other my research is  about the mechanisms of MEE45 regulating seed size. We found that the auxin biosynthesis capacity of maternal cells—as represented by the expression levels of the auxin biosynthesis enzyme YUC4—is regulated by a MEE45-ANT pathway to support maternally-controlled embryo development and seed size determination.