Recognizing The Plant Cell author Wenbin Zhang

Wenbin Zhang, the first author of Arabidopsis NF-YCs play dual roles in repressing brassinosteroid biosynthesis and signaling during light-regulated hypocotyl elongation

Current Position: Job hunting

Education: PhD student in South China Botanical Garden,Chinese Academy of Sciences

Non-scientific Interests: SwimmingPUBGPing-pong

Brief bio: For Master degree in South China Normal University, my main work was focusing on the regulation of petal length in Gerbera hybrida. After then, I got the chance to join Prof. Xingliang Hou’s group for PhD degree in South China Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences and engaged in the research of molecular mechanism involved in Arabidopsis NF-YCs-mediated photomorphogenesis. Over the period, under the careful guidance of Prof. Hou, I found that NF-YCs function as essential negative regulators in brassinosteroid biosynthesis and signaling for light-controlled hypocotyl elongation. These proteins negatively regulate the BR pathway by directly inhibiting the transcription of BR synthesis genes and promoting the activity of BIN2 protein. Interestingly, NF-YCs do not participate in the BR pathway under dark conditions. My study reveals the role of NF-YCs in the photoinhibition of the BR pathway, and implys a new function of  NF-YC for protein stability.


姓名: 张文斌

目前所在职位: 求职中

教育经历: 中国科学院华南植物园,博士

个人爱好: 游泳、吃鸡、乒乓球

个人简介:在华南师范大学攻读硕士学位期间,我的主要工作是关于非洲菊花瓣长度调控的研究。2016年9月我考入中国科学院华南植物园攻读博士学位,师从侯兴亮研究员,由此开始了拟南芥NF-YC在BRs介导光形态建成中的功能探索之旅。在导师的悉心指导下,我发现光照条件下NF-YC是BRs合成和信号途径的负调控因子,通过直接抑制BR合成基因转录和促进BR信号途径抑制因子BIN2的活性负调控BR途径。有趣的是,在黑暗条件下,NF-YC不参与BR途径。我的发现揭示了NF-YC在光抑制BR途径中的功能,暗示了 NF-YC在蛋白水平调控的新功能。