Recognizing The Plant Cell author: Tom Emrich-Mills

Tom Emrich-Mills, co-first author of A Recombineering Pipeline to Clone Large and Complex Genes in Chlamydomonas

Current position: PhD student, Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, University of Sheffield, UK

Education: MSc (Biochemistry) and BSc (Biology) from the University of Manchester, UK

Non-scientific interests: Hiking, cooking, music production

Brief bio: In 2017 I was invited to join the up-and-coming lab of Dr Luke Mackinder as a research technician at the University of York, presenting a golden opportunity to begin a career in photosynthesis research. I was tasked with developing a recombineering-based cloning system for Chlamydomonas reinhardtii genes, the fruits of which are presented in this paper. In combination with work on understanding the algal carbon concentrating mechanism in Dr Mackinder’s lab, this experience with novel DNA manipulation techniques helped garner a strong and unremitting interest in synthetic biology and its potential for helping to improve crop plants and increase yields. In 2018 I joined the lab of Dr Matt Johnson at the University of Sheffield as a PhD student specialising in the light-dependent reactions but continuing with Chlamydomonas. I am currently working on developing in vivo methods to investigate the behaviour of Chlamydomonas thylakoid membranes under light and CO2 stress. We are particularly interested in phosphorylation-based regulation of thylakoid ultrastructure and the mechanisms of cyclic electron flow. My research is bolstered by help from excellent colleagues in both York and Sheffield, and I remain grateful for my balanced diet of schooling in both sides of photosynthesis.







我于2017年受邀加入Luke Mackinder博士在约克大学新组建的实验室,担任研究技术员,这为我提供了一个涉足光合作用研究的绝佳机会。我致力于开发一套基于重组工程的莱茵衣藻基因克隆体系,这篇文章报道的正是所取得的相应成果。结合马克金德博士实验室对藻类碳浓缩机理的研究,这种新DNA操纵技术的经验有助于人们对合成生物学产生强烈而持久的兴趣,并有助于改善作物植物和提高产量。我在2018年加入了谢菲尔德大学Matt Johnson博士的实验室,作为一名博士生,专门研究光合作用的光反应,并且继续以莱茵衣藻为模式生物。目前,我正在开发体内实验方法以用来研究在光和二氧化碳胁迫条件下,莱茵衣藻类囊体膜的行为。我们对类囊体超微结构基于磷酸化的调控,以及循环电子流的机制尤其感兴趣。我的研究得到了约克和谢菲尔德多位优秀同事的大力支持,同时我很感激所受到的有关光合作用光反应和固碳反应两方面的均衡的教育。