Recognizing The Plant Cell author Gary Yates

Gary Yates, co-first author of A Recombineering Pipeline to Clone Large and Complex Genes in Chlamydomonas

Current Position: Senior Research Associate and head of product development at PharmaSeeds

Education: BSc (Hons) in Genetics from the University of Glasgow. PhD from the University of Durham.

Non-scientific interests: I was a professional musician for a number of years and I play a lot of musical instruments in my free time. I particularly enjoy writing and recording original music which I also self-produce. My favourite sport is Mixed Martial Arts and I enjoy the UFC, I also love North American Ice Hockey and follow the NHL closely each season.

Brief Bio:

I have been passionate about science all my life, I started to study genetics to better understand how genes control the biology of the animals and plants around us. I really enjoyed and excelled during the genetics problem solving modules of my undergraduate degree. I felt having a solid basis in genetics would be beneficial in any aspect of biology. I became increasingly interested in plant science, when choosing a PhD position, I put emphasis on leaving my comfort zone, which led to studying Post-translational modification. My PhD was very successful leading to several publications, from here I found I was in a strong position to select the right type of Post-doctoral work. I had gravitated towards photosynthesis as I saw this as the key fundamental process underpinning life on Earth. I then worked in the Mackinder lab at the University of York as a Post-doc focusing on the carbon concentrating mechanism of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. Here I co-developed a novel cloning system for the species, spent time on secondment at Princeton University and contributed to a very busy and successful period for the lab.

Due to personal reasons I decided to leave the academic setting and engage in a start-up business which operates in the Cannabis industry. Here, I am head of product development and lead a very interesting program for crop improvement focusing on seed and plant health, legal and regulatory compliance, improvement of germination and plant vigour. Within this role I have set up collaborations with academic partners and I intend to apply for a fellowship to progress the R&D of the company.


姓名:加里·耶茨(Gary Yates)



        我对科学一直充满热情。我在本科阶段开始学习遗传学,以为了更好地理解基因是如何调控我们周边动植物的生物学的。我非常喜欢遗传学问题解决课,并且也取得了优异的成绩。我觉得具备坚实的遗传学基础对学习和研究生物学的任何方面都有好处。我对植物科学的兴趣与日俱增。当选择博士项目时,我注重离开我的舒适区,最终选择了去研究翻译后修饰。我的博士研究项目开展得很成功,我发表了多篇文章。至此,我觉得自己处在一个非常有利的位置,可以自由选择适合我的博士后研究方向。我选择了光合作用,因为我认为这是维系地球生命的关键的基本过程。我作为博士后加入了约克大学Luke Mackinder博士的实验室,研究莱茵衣藻的碳富集机制。在这里,我与他人共同开发了一套针对莱茵衣藻的全新克隆体系,并且也为该实验室那段非常繁忙而成功的时期贡献了自己的力量,期间还被借调到普林斯顿大学工作了一段时间,