Recognizing The Plant Cell author Sabrina Chin

Sabrina Chin, first author of Spatial and Temporal Localization of SPIRRIG and WAVE/SCAR Reveal Roles for These Proteins in Actin-Mediated Root Hair Development

Current Position: Research Associate, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

Education: Ph.D., The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia

Non-scientific Interests: Museums, galleries, hiking, cat videos

Brief bio: I began my scientific training with Prof. Ulrike Mathesius at the Australian National University on how flavonoids mediate host defense responses and auxin regulation during root-knot nematode infection at roots. Through this, I gained an appreciation for the field of metabolomics and a research interest in root function and morphogenesis. After my Ph.D., I yearned to expand my skills into a different technique and stumbled upon Prof. Elison’s Blancaflor’s projects on transcriptomics of genes responding to gravity and the regulation of root hair development using microscopy and genetics. I have recently moved to UW Madison to work with Prof. Simon Gilroy to continue my root transcriptomics and root hair projects with additional support on spaceflight studies. My research goal is to stay ‘rooted’ and learn how roots function in various environments to design roots that better adapted to those niche.