Recognizing The Plant Cell author Jessica Pérez Sancho

Jessica Pérez Sancho, co-first author of Synaptotagmins at the endoplasmic reticulum–plasma membrane contact sites maintain diacylglycerol homeostasis during abiotic stress

Current Position:  Postdoctoral researcher in the Laboratory of Membrane Biogenesis (UMR 5200-CSIC-U.Bordeaux), France.

Education:  PhD in Biothecnoloy at Universidad de Málaga, Spain. Master in Advanced Chemistry at Universidad de Málaga, Spain. BSc in Chemistry at Universidad de Málaga, Spain.

Non‐scientific Interests:  Human Rights activism, reading, music, live concerts, traveling, board games, yoga…

Brief bio: I completed my PhD in the laboratory of Biochemistry and Biology of Plants, in the group of Miguel Ángel Botella, studying the role of Synaptotagmins in stress adaptation. We observed that the previously described as PM protein, SYT1, was actually an ER protein located at ER-PM contact sites. We studied the role of SYT1 and other SYTs in the tolerance to diverse abiotic stresses such us wounding, osmotic stress, cold. After I finished my PhD in 2017, I moved to the group of Alberto Macho in the Shanghai Centre for Plant Stress Biology where we studied the implication of ER-PM contact sites in the resistance to bacterial infections using the Arabidospis-Pseudomonas psyringae pathosystem. Since 2019 I work in the Laboratory of Membrane Biogenesis, in the group of Emmanuelle Bayer, where we study plasmodesmata from a multidisciplinary approach. My research project is focused on understanding how cell-to-cell trafficking through PD regulates the root apical meristem maintenance and organization.