Recognizing The Plant Cell author Huaming He

Huaming He first author of The Arabidopsis Mediator complex subunit 8 regulates oxidative stress responses

Current Position: Lecturer, Beijing Technology and Business University, China

Education: Ph.D., VIB-UGent Center for Plant Systems Biology, Belgium; MS, China Agricultural University, China

Non-scientific Interests: traveling, reading

Brief bio: In 2014 I joined oxidative stress signaling group at the VIB-UGent Center for Plant Systems Biology and worked on the identification and characterization of novel molecular players in H2O2 signaling pathways in plants under the supervision of Prof. Frank Van Breusegem and Dr. Amna Mhamdi. I obtained my PhD degree in Biochemistry and Biotechnology in 2018 and continued my research as a postdoc until 2019. In this study, we identified the Mediator complex subunit MED8 as a regulator of H2O2 responses through a promoter luciferase-based genetic screen and further demonstrated the function of MED8 in stress response. Now, I joined Beijing Technology and Business University and work on application of plant source efficacy materials in cosmetics.






个人简介:我于2014年9月进入比利时根特大学VIB-PSB研究中心氧化胁迫信号转导课题组,在Frank Van Breusegem教授和Amna Mhamdi博士的指导下,从事植物中过氧化氢信号转导调节因子的筛选鉴定与功能研究等工作。2018年博士毕业后,我继续进行了为期一年的博士后研究。在本研究中,基于启动子报告基因(promoter::LUC)系统的EMS诱变筛选发现转录中介体复合物Mediator subunit 8是过氧化氢响应基因表达的负调节子,通过进一步研究发现Mediator subunit 8通过调节水杨酸途径调控对氧化胁迫的抗性。目前我在北京工商大学工作,从事特色植物资源的应用研究。