Recognizing Plant Physiology first authors: Zhen Luo

Zhen Luo, co-first author of Leaf-derived jasmonate mediates water uptake from hydrated cotton roots under partial root-zone irrigation

Current Position: Assistant Professor, Shandong Cotton Research Center, Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Jinan 250100, PR of China

Education: PhD and BS, College of Life Sciences, Shandong University

Non-scientific Interests: Reading and Basketball

Brief bio: I’m interested in physics and plant biology when I was a child. During my undergraduate and graduate studies in Shandong Normal University, I was lucky to join the lab of Dr. Guangmin xia to study the cytogenetic of wheat. I joined the lab of Dr. Hezhong Dong in Shandong Cotton Research Center to study the mechanisms of non-uniform salt or water in the root zone reduces abiotic stress of cotton.