Recognizing Plant Physiology first authors: Xiangqiang Kong

Xiangqiang Kong, co-first author of Leaf-derived jasmonate mediates water uptake from hydrated cotton roots under partial root-zone irrigation

Current Position: Professor, Shandong Cotton Research Center, Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Jinan 250100, PR of China

Education: PhD of Botany, Shandong Normal University; Master of Developmental Biology, Shandong Normal University

Non-scientific Interests: Reading and watching TV

Brief bio: I’m interested in mathematics and plant biology when I was a child. During my undergraduate and graduate studies in Shandong Normal University, I was lucky to join the lab of Dr. Yanxiu Zhao and Hui Zhang to study the mechanisms of plant salt tolerance. I joined the lab of Dr. Hezhong Dong in Shandong Cotton Research Center to study the mechanisms of non-uniform salt or water in the root zone reduces abiotic stress of cotton.



目前职位: 山东省农业科学院棉花研究中心  研究员

教育背景:山东师范大学植物学  博士,山东师范大学发育生物学  硕士


简介: 我小时候非常喜欢数学和植物学。大学和研究生期间,我主要在山东师范大学学习生物学,非常幸运的是在研究生学习期间来到了赵彦修和张慧教授的实验室开展植物耐盐机理研究。博士毕业后来到山东省农业科研棉花研究中心工作,在董合忠研究员课题组主要开展根区盐分和水分差异分布降低棉花非生物胁迫的机理研究。