Recognizing Plant Physiology first authors: Shouyang Liu

Shouyang Liu, first author of Estimation of plant and canopy architectural traits using the D3P Digital Plant Phenotyping Platform

Current Position: Post-doc, French National Institute of Agricultural Research (INRA)

Education: Ph.D. in plant phenomics at INRA-CAPTE

Non-scientific Interests: reading, traveling and watching movies

Brief Bio: Over the past decade, high-throughput phenotyping (HTP) technology has advanced rapidly and generated tremendous amount of data. However, these data have not been well explored. Since my PhD, I have been working on the interpretation of HTP observations. Recently, we developed Digital Plant Phenotyping Platform (D3P) that integrates functional-structural plant model and radiative transfer model. D3P can accomplish in silico phenotyping experiments and thereby assimilates multi-sensor and multi-date phenotyping observations. This approach would allow accessing more structural and functional traits to serve for smart agriculture or breeding.






简历:近十年来,得益于高通量表型监测技术的快速进步,表型大数据爆炸式的增长,而相关数据有待充分挖掘。在这样的背景下,博士和博士后阶段,在法国农科院致力于作物表型算法开发。工作的创新性在于,开发了数字作物表型平台(Digital Plant Phenotyping Platform, D3P)及一系列算法,进行多源表型数据的融合,借助嵌入在结构功能模型和作物生长模型中作物结构和生理的知识,实现对更多单株以及冠层尺度的结构和功能表型特性的高通量获取,进而更好地服务于植物生理研究、育种和智慧农业等。