Recognizing Plant Physiology first authors: Adrien Burlacot

Adrien Burlacot, first author of Flavodiiron-mediated O2 photoreduction a relay between H2 production and CO2 fixation

Current Position: PhD student, Plant Biology, Aix Marseille University.

Education: Ecole Polytechnique and MSc in Plant science, Paris Saclay.

Non-scientific Interests: Hiking, kayaking, restoring old objects.

Brief bio: Despite an early fascination on how plants transform sun energy into chemical energy, I have always preferred physics and mathematics classes. I entered the Ecole Polytechnique and chose to learn various fields from quantum physics to the Galois’ theory. After 5 years without studying biology, I decided to take a refresher course for a few months and did an internship in a research lab. I discovered photosynthesis two years ago (2016) and since then, I dedicated my work to the application of physical methods for the understanding of photosynthesis and plant physiology. New technologies and physical approaches are highly improving our understanding of plants and I aim at contributing to this revolution.