Recognizing Plant Physiology authors: Zhongtao Jia

Zhongtao Jia, first author of The root foraging response under low nitrogen depends on DWARF1-mediated brassinosteroid biosynthesis

Current position: Postdoctoral Researcher, Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research (IPK), Gatersleben, Germany

Education: PhD in Molecular Plant Nutrition at Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research and enrolled at Martin Luther University, Germany; Master in Plant Nutrition, College of Resources and Environmental Sciences, China Agriculture University, Beijing, China; Bachelor in Agricultural Resources and Environmental Science, College of Resources and Environmental Sciences, Henan Agriculture University, Zheng Zhou, China

Non-scientific interests: hiking, reading

Brief Bio: My major research interests focus on 1) plant nutrient uptake and homeostasis; 2) plant development plasticity to nutrient signals; 3) plant root system architecture and nutrient use efficiency. I started my scientific career at the Henan Agriculture University (China) where I obtained my Bachelor in Agronomy. At that time, plant nutrition genetics and biology was an emerging research field and I was fascinated by its mystery. For that reason, I moved to China Agriculture University (China) for master where I was trained in the team led by professors Fusuo Zhang and Lixing Yuan aiming at improving crop plant nutrient use efficiency. In 2014, I joined Molecular Plant Nutrition group led by professor Nicolaus von Wirén at IPK, Germany, to uncover mechanisms underlying nitrogen deficiency modulated root system architectural changes. During my studies, I employed genome-wide association studies in combination with reverse genetics, and discovered phytohormone brassinosteroids biosynthesis in this work and signaling (Jia et al., 2019, Nature Communications) contribute to nitrogen deficiency provoked root elongation.



姓名: 贾中涛

当前位置: 博士后, 莱布尼茨植物遗传与作物科学研究所, 德国

教育背景: 博士, 生物学, 莱布尼茨植物遗传与作物科学研究所, 马丁 路德-哈勒大学, 德国

硕士, 植物营养学, 资源与环境学院, 中国农业大学,

学士, 农业资源与环境, 资源与环境学院, 河南农业大学

业余爱好: 徒步, 阅读

个人简介: 我的主要研究兴趣是植物矿质营养吸收与稳态, 植物矿质养分信号调控的发育可塑性, 根系构型与养分高效利用。 在本科学习期间因为对植物营养遗传与生物学感兴趣, 毕业后,我加入了中国农业大学植物营养系张福锁和袁力行教授领导的作物养分高效利用团队从事植物根系响应养分信号的生物学机制研究。硕士毕业后, 我加入了德国莱布尼茨植物遗传与作物科学研究所Nicolaus von Wirén教授领导的分子植物营养团队进行博士学习, 主要研究缺氮调控植物根系发育的生物学机制。我的博士工作发现植物激素油菜素内酯合成及信号转导参与调控缺氮诱导的根系伸长。相关研究结果发表于 Plant Physiology 和Nature Communications上。