Recognizing Plant Physiology authors: Xinyu Xu

Xinyu Xu, first author of OsYUC11-mediated auxin biosynthesis is essential for endosperm development of rice

Current Position: PhD candidate

Education: Bachelor of management science in rural regional development, Yangzhou University

Non-scientific Interests: swimming, cooking

Brief bio: I graduated from Yangzhou University and started my career as a postgraduate in Professor Chen Chen’s laboratory of Yangzhou University in September 2017. During the postgraduate period, I was mainly engaged in the research on auxin-regulated rice endosperm development, and learned knowledge and skills of plant molecular biology. In this study, we found that OsYUC11 acts as a key player for auxin biosynthesis in the endosperm and the YUC-mediated auxin biosynthesis is essential for grain filling of rice. I am very interested in the current field of research and hoping to strive for further breakthrough in the future research work. In the scientific research work, my tutor, project collaborators and classmates were extremely helpful to me. Taken the opportunity here, I would like to express my sincere thanks to them.




学习经历:扬州大学 农村区域发展专业 管理学学士