Recognizing Plant Physiology authors: Xinyu Fu

Xinyu Fu, first author of Failure to Maintain Acetate Homeostasis by Acetate-Activating Enzymes Impacts Plant Development

Current Position: Post-doctoral Research Associate, Plant Research Laboratory, Michigan State University

Education: Ph.D. in Plant Biology (Minor: Statistics) from Iowa State University; M.S. and B.S. in Horticulture from South China Agricultural University

Non-scientific Interests: tech gadgets, music, travelling with family

Brief biography: My research journey in plant physiology started when I was an undergraduate research assistant at South China Agricultural University. During this time, Dr. Xuming Huang and Dr. Huicong Wang imparted their passions for fruit tree physiology to me and guided me to study the physiological processes underlying leaf development and environmental stresses on photosynthesis. I went on to pursue my Ph.D. at Iowa State University under the mentorship of Dr. Basil Nikolau, studying the compartment-specific metabolism associated with acetyl-CoA metabolism and acyl carrier protein. My Ph.D. work revealed the key physiological and metabolic roles of two compartment-specific isozymes associated with acetate homeostasis, as well as three acyl carrier protein isoforms involved in mitochondrial fatty acid biosynthesis. Basil shared his enthusiasm for biochemistry and always encouraged me to develop new skills necessary to dissect the complexity of metabolism, including mass spectrometry, stable isotope tracer techniques, statistics, and programming to automate metabolomics data analysis. With a firm interest in understanding metabolic network at the system level, I joined Dr. Berkley Walker’s group at Michigan State University as a postdoc, working with an interdisciplinary team to develop analytical and modeling tools to quantify metabolic fluxes through plant metabolism.






个人简介:我最初接触植物生理学研究是在华南农业大学读本科阶段。黄旭明教授和王惠聪教授是我果树生理学的启蒙导师,指导我研究叶片发育特性以及环境胁迫对光合生理的影响规律。之后我在爱荷华州立大学攻读博士学位,师从Basil Nikolau教授研究乙酰辅酶A和酰基载体蛋白在不同亚细胞器内的代谢规律。我的博士课题揭示了参与乙酸稳态代谢平衡的两种同工酶和参与线粒体中脂肪酸合成的三种酰基载体蛋白异构体在植物生理与代谢中的重要功能。我的博士导师不仅培养我学生物化学,也不断鼓励我汲取新技术来剖析复杂的代谢机理。这些技术包括质谱、同位素标记技术、统计和编程处理代谢组数据。博士毕业后我加入密西根州立大学Berkley Walker教授的团队从事博士后研究,同跨学科的团队成员一起开发植物代谢流量分析所需的分析化学及建模工具,从而能在系统水平上理解代谢网络。