Recognizing Plant Physiology authors: Sylvain Aubry

Sylvain Aubry, first author of Pheophorbide a may regulate jasmonate signalling during dark-induced senescence

Current Position: Senior Scientist at the University of Zürich, Switzerland

Education: PhD in Molecular Plant Physiology. University of Zürich

Non-scientific Interests: playing Raspberry Pi with my kids, kite flying, hiking

Brief bio: I have a long-standing fascination for light-to-energy conversion operated by plants and have navigated in the photosynthesis field for most of my professional life. My PhD work focused mostly on identification of the stay green gene Gregor Mendel’s was using in his famous work on genetics. During my years as a postdoc in Julian Hibberd’s lab in Cambridge, UK, I’ve switched to the fascinating field of C4 photosynthesis where I developed microgenomics tools to address the complex evolution of this very efficient way of concentrating carbon in leaves. Back in Zürich few years ago, I went back to my first love: chlorophyll degradation in Stefan Hörtensteiner’s group. Taking advantage of the exploding amount of omics data, I went gradually looking into the pathway regulation and its evolution. Meanwhile, I came closer to the policy-making field and been involved in many local and global debates around biotechnology, genomics and food security. From the bench to the outside world, I cherish this multifaceted way of doing Science.