Recognizing Plant Physiology authors: Shengjin Liao

Shengjin Liao, first author of Cell wall invertase is essential for ovule development through sugar signaling rather than provision of carbon

Current Position: Assistant Professor, Beijing Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences (BAAFS)

Education: PhD in Biological Sciences, B. Biotech (Hons) at the University of Newcastle, Australia

Non-scientific Interests: Football & travelling

Brief bio: My research journey started from early 2013, when I undertook a project for my B. Biotech (Hons) degree, studying plant sugar metabolism and signalling under the supervision of Professor Yong-Ling Ruan at the University of Newcastle, Australia. This was an unforgettable and memorable experience. During that time, I received vigorous scientific training from Prof Ruan and his team as how to become a qualified researcher. Most importantly, this experience motivated me to pursue my PhD in the same lab from 2014 to 2019, to explore the role of cell wall invertase (CWIN), a key enzyme hydrolyzing sucrose into hexoses, in ovule formation in Arabidopsis. The analyses discovered that CWIN is critically required for ovule initiation through sugar signalling instead of provision of C nutrient. Building on the skills and knowledge acquired from the Ruan lab, I am now working on a project to uncover the molecular basis of cavity formation during maize kernel development at BAAFS.


第一作者: 廖生进

现在职位: 实习助理研究员,北京市农林科学院,北京农业信息技术研究中心





兴趣爱好: 足球、旅游


我的科研旅程始于2013年,在纽卡斯尔大学阮勇凌教授指导下从事植物糖代谢和糖信号的研究,攻读生物技术荣誉士学位。这是一段高兴,快乐的,更是一段无法遗忘的研究学习经历!在导师和实验团队的帮助下,接受了多方面科研训练,对科研有了初步了解,知道了如何学做一名合格的科研工作者。 期间,我渐渐开始喜欢科研的专注和简单,不知不觉和科研结下了不解之缘。这种情愫在读博期间得到了进一步得的延续。2014-2019年,我跟随阮勇凌教授攻读植物分子生物学博士,探索细胞壁转化酶(CWIN)在拟南芥胚珠形成过程中的功能和作用。发现CWIN通过介导糖信号而不是碳分配调控胚珠的形成发育。因对科研专注和简单的欢喜,我踏上了一段新的科研旅程,目前在北京市农林科学院、北京农业信息技术研究中心从事玉米籽粒空腔形成发育分子生物学机制的研究。