Recognizing Plant Physiology authors: Ross Hendron

Ross Hendron, first author of Subdivision of light signalling networks contributes to partitioning of C4 photosynthesis

Current Position: Post-doctoral researcher in the Department of Plant Sciences, Oxford University

Education: Dphil in Interdisciplinary Bioscience, Oxford University

Non-scientific Interests: sailing, Taekwon-do, chess, reading

Brief bio: During my doctoral research I was surprised to learn of the extensive diversity in how photosynthesis is achieved in different species, from large scale anatomical to more subtle metabolic differences.

This photosynthetic diversity has arisen over millions of years of evolutionary optimization in the face of different challenges to survival; studying it reveals the creative solutions that have evolved to overcome the various problems that these species have faced.

Today, a vital problem for our own species is the sustainable intensification of agriculture. Through researching the genetics of photosynthesis, I find inspiration for improving our crops to tackle this global issue.