Recognizing Plant Physiology authors: Nat Graham

Nat Graham, first author of Plant genome editing and the relevance of off-target changes

Current Position: Molecular Biology Scientist at Pairwise – Durham, North Carolina, USA

Education: Ph.D. in Biology, University of Missouri – Columbia

Non-scientific Interests: brewing beer, cooking, hiking

Brief bio: I started my scientific career at the University of Missouri – Columbia in the lab of Dr. Jim Birchler. There, I worked to improve the process of producing transgenic maize. The focus of my thesis work was developing methods to incorporate transgenes outside of the maize genome on artificial minichromosomes. Following my doctorate work, I moved to the University of Minnesota to the lab of Dr. Dan Voytas to work on improving gene editing, and specifically homology directed repair, with geminiviruses in rice. Now, I am a scientist in the molecular biology group at Pairwise, where I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to apply my scientific knowledge to developing products you will be able to find at the grocery store.