Recognizing Plant Physiology authors: Michael Taleski

Michael Taleski, first author of The peptide hormone receptor CEPR1 functions in the reproductive tissue to control seed size and yield

Current Position: PhD Candidate in the Djordjevic Lab, Australian National University (ANU), Division of Plant Sciences

Education: B Science (Advanced) (Honours), ANU

Non-scientific Interests: music, film

Brief bio: I’ve always had a great curiosity for the natural world and how it operates. This curiosity steered me towards plant molecular biology during my time as an ANU undergraduate student. I furthered my interest in this field by undertaking Honours and PhD research at ANU in the Djordjevic lab. Currently, my research focuses on how peptide hormone signalling influences the allocation and utilisation of nutrients throughout the plant. This work has shed further light on roles for peptide hormone signalling in diverse processes, from root growth and development to yield formation.