Recognizing Plant Physiology authors: Maxwell Ware

Maxwell Ware, first author of A Chlorophyte alga utilizes alternative electron transport for primary photoprotection

Current position: Post-doctoral fellow at Colorado State University

Education: M.Sci in Biological Sciences, University of Birmingham (UK); PhD in Biological and Chemical Sciences, Queen Mary University of London (UK)

Non-scientific interests: running (trail and road), skiing, cooking, and travel

Brief bio: I have been fortunate to travel to some amazing ecosystems, which sparked my interest in nature. Furthermore, it started my questioning of how organisms adapt and survive in vastly different environments. During my undergraduate studies, I was inspired to pursue research after taking a brilliant course ‘Plant sciences in the 21st century’. I performed my masters research project in the Coates lab (UoB), investigating evolutionary developmental genes and transcription factors associated with lateral root formation in higher plants. I began to focus on photosynthesis research, as it is a prime example of a field combining all elements of natural sciences. Furthermore, it is the essential process responsible for the oxygenic planet that we inhabit, with commercial applications for food security and renewable energy. I joined the Ruban biophysics lab at QMUL in 2013 to research the molecular mechanisms of photosynthesis. Here I focused on developing a fluorescence-based methodology to quantify photoprotection and photoinhibition in higher plants using a combination of spectroscopy, electron microscopy, and liquid chromatography. I am currently working in the Peers lab at CSU, investigating the dynamic regulation of photosynthesis in diatoms and chlorophyte algae. We research fundamental processes of photosynthesis, through a combination of molecular biology, biophysics and cell physiology, to provide novel insights that also have commercial applications.


姓名:Maxwell (名)  Ware (姓)

目前任职:科罗拉多州立大学, 博士后


硕士(理学), 生物科学, 伯明翰大学(英国);


兴趣爱好:越野跑与公路跑, 滑雪,烹饪以及沉浸式旅游

个人简介:因为曾有幸见过一些令人惊叹的生态系统,激发了我对大自然的兴趣,因此我开始好奇生物们是如何适应并存活在这些全然不同的环境中的。本科阶段时,我修过一门非常有趣的课程叫做“21世纪植物科学”,受到它的启发,我开始了科研之路。在伯明翰大学的Coates 教授课题组,我完成了我的硕士研究课题,探究与高等植物侧根形成相关的进化发育基因以及转录因子。此后我开始专注于光合作用的研究,因为它是一个典型的能涵盖所有自然科学要素的领域, 并且光合作用是维系我们赖以生存的这颗含氧星球的重要代谢过程,保证人类的食物供应以及可再生能源的开发。我在2013年加入伦敦大学玛丽皇后学院的Ruban教授课题组,开始从事光合作用分子机制的探究,主要是建立一个以荧光为基础的测定方法,利用光谱、电子显微镜以及液相色谱等技术定量高等植物中的光保护和光抑制效应。目前我在科罗拉多州立大学Peers教授课题组工作,研究硅藻和绿藻中的光合作用的动态调控。我们主要是在分子生物学、生物物理学以及细胞生理学层面,做一些光合作用的基础研究,从而为这一机制提供新的视角以及商业应用的可能。