Recognizing Plant Physiology authors: Juan Zhao

Juan Zhao, co-first author of RMS2 encoding a GDSL lipase mediates lipid hemostasis in anthers to determine rice male fertility

Current Position:  Ph.D candidate, State Key Lab of Rice Biology, China National Rice Research Institute (CNRRI), Hangzhou, China

Education: Master of biochemistry and molecular biology, China Jiliang University in 2011-2014. Bachelor of biology, Shanxi Normal University in 2007-2011

Non-scientific Interests: food, traveling, movies

Brief bio: I am excited to study plant molecular science, such as reproductive development and research on improving crop yield. I joined the lab of Dr. Jian Zhang in 2015 to start my doctoral research, focusing on the process and regulatory mechanism of anther development in rice. The major important findings were presented in this article. In my current research, I’m also working on novel genes regulating rice seed size to explore methods in improving crop yield.


姓名:赵娟, RMS2 encoding a GDSL lipase mediates lipid hemostasis in anther to determine rice male fertility 的第一作者。



兴趣爱好: 美食,旅行,看电影。