Recognizing Plant Physiology author Lennart Verbraeken

Lennart Verbraeken, first author of Drought affects the growth rate and duration of maize organs but not the inter-organ coordination of growth

Current Position: Predoctoral fellow at the VIB-UGent Center for Plant Systems Biology.

Education: M.Sc. in Bioscience Engineering: Agricultural sciences at Ghent University, Belgium.

Non-scientific interests: Train travel, hiking, home brewing, languages

Brief bio:

My interest in plant physiology was raised during my master’s studies on an Erasmus exchange semester at Aarhus University in Denmark. It inspired me to write my master’s thesis on the role of the phloem in the water and carbon relations in filling wheat ears, in a collaboration at both the Ghent University laboratory of Plant Ecology, Belgium, and the Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany.

After obtaining my master’s degree, I joined the groups of Dirk Inzé, Hilde Nelissen and Steven Maere at the VIB-UGent Center for Plant Systems Biology to work on my PhD research focusing on the effects of drought on maize organ growth and developing methods for image-based crop growth analysis using the Phenovision phenotyping platform.