Recognizing Plant Physiology author Jianghao Wu

Jianghao Wu, first author of Functional redox links between Lumen Thiol Oxidoreductase1 and Serine/Threonine-protein kinase STN7

Current Position: PhD student, Key laboratory of photobiology, Institute of Botany-The Chinese Academy of Science (IB-CAS) (2014-now)

Education: Bachelor, School of life sciences, Hubei University (2010-2014)

Non-scientific Interests: Badminton, Swimming

Brief bio:

In 2014, I joined the research group of Prof. Lixin Zhang in Institute of Botany-Chinese Academy of Sciences (IB-CAS) to pursue the MD-PhD degree. My research direction is the molecular mechanisms of photosynthetic-acclimation of higher plants in response to fluctuating light conditions. We found that Lumen Thiol Oxidoreductase1 (LTO1) introduces the disulfide bond into the thylakoid protein kinase STN7 in the lumenal side to maintain the phosphorylation activity. This kinase activity is required for state transitions, which can be used as a rapid light-acclimation mechanism in response to the fluctuating light conditions. Hopefully, we will explore more exciting discoveries in the scientific field of light-acclimation in the future.