Recognizing Plant Physiology author David Eyland

David Eyland, first author of “The impact of slow stomatal kinetics on photosynthesis and water use efficiency under fluctuating light

Current Position: PhD candidate at KU Leuven

Education: Master in Bioscience Engineering at KU Leuven

Non-scientific Interests: Football & hiking

Brief bio: During my youth I developed great interest in plant functioning and nature in general. My PhD is in line with this as I investigate the banana diversity for water use traits. In my research, I apply the newest transpiration and imaging modelling techniques, going from cell level to whole-plant level.

Soon after starting my PhD I received a COST Action Phenomenall grant to perform research at the lab of prof. Lawson. The expertise in Lawson’s lab boosted my research in stomatal diversity, resulting in this paper. My PhD project finishes soon, but I’m eager to continue in plant science research.