Recognizing Plant Physiology author Aleksandr Gavrin

Aleksandr Gavrin, first author of Soybean Yellow Stripe-like 7 is a symbiosome membrane peptide transporter important for nitrogen fixation

Current Position: Postdoctoral research associate, Sainsbury Laboratory, Cambridge University, UK.

Education: PhD in Plant Molecular Biology, Wageningen University, Netherlands

Non-scientific Interests: reading, history of architecture, electronic DIY projects

Brief bio: I have obtained my PhD in the laboratory of Ton Bisseling where I studied molecular mechanisms of rhizobia accommodation and the adaptation of the host cell endomembrane system in Medicago truncatula root nodules. To further investigate mechanisms regulating host-microbe interface formation I joined the laboratory of Penelope Smith at Sydney University. During my postdoc, I worked on a proteomics-based project studying a repertoire of symbiosome membrane transporters and their role in soybean root nodule development. This work resulted in the discovery of several transporters crucial for symbiosis development and functionality.  Now, I work with Sebastian Schornack at Sainsbury Laboratory. I study plant recognition of microbial glucans and molecular mechanisms of cell wall remodelling during intracellular accommodation of symbionts and pathogens.