Recognizing Plant Direct authors: Will Hinckley

Will Hinckley, first author of Gene Expression Changes Occurring at Bolting Time are Associated with Leaf Senescence in Arabidopsis

Current Position: 1st Year PhD Student

Education: BS Cellular/Molecular Biology from California State University, Long Beach

Non-scientific Interests:  I have always been a big Lord of the Rings fan! I’m also a big Sara Bareilles, Sia, and Bon Iver fan. I have recently taken up knitting, am learning to play piano, and spend a lot of time biking around Manhattan to explore the city some.

Brief bio: As an undergraduate I worked with my mentor, the amazing Dr. Judy Brusslan, to study the transcriptional regulation of leaf senescence in Arabidopsis. I was also fortunate to intern with/be mentored by Dr. Alison DeLong to study the role some protein phosphatases play in regulating Arabidopsis plant size. I have recently moved to NYC to start in the NYU GSAS Biology PhD program! I intend to pursue a research career involving genomics and molecular biology in the plant sciences. I am learning ASL with the goal of making STEM more accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing communities.