Recognizing Plant Direct authors: H. Tucker Hallmark

H. Tucker Hallmark, first author of Cytokinin isopentenyladenine and its glucoside isopentenyladenine-9G delay leaf senescence through activation of cytokinin-associated genes

Current Position: Antibody Production & Assay Development at Avanti Polar Lipids, Inc.

Education: PhD Biological Sciences & BS Laboratory Technology, Auburn University

Non-scientific Interests: I enjoy playing with my dogs, going to breweries, and watching college football and baseball.

Brief bio: During my undergraduate studies, I planned on pursuing a career in Medical Laboratory Science (BS Laboratory Technology) because of my fascination with clinical biology and passion for the laboratory setting. After taking my first genetics and genomics courses, I developed an interest in molecular biology. I became involved in undergraduate research to further explore the field, and I learned that the model plant system Arabidopsis thaliana was an exciting place to pursue molecular and genomic questions. After finishing my undergraduate degree, I continued working with Arabidopsis during my PhD work in the Rashotte Lab at Auburn University. My dissertation focused on cytokinin-N-glucosides and their effects on plant physiology and gene expression. With my current position at Avanti, I am excited to combine the knowledge I gained in clinical biology during my undergraduate education with the expertise in molecular and cellular biology I earned during my PhD to produce high quality lipid-specific antibodies.