Recognizing Plant Direct authors: Manasa B. Satyanarayan

Manasa B. Satyanarayan, co-first author of Functional relationships of three NFU proteins in the biogenesis of chloroplastic iron‐sulfur clusters

Current Position: Scientist, Charles River Laboratories, USA

Education: MS in Biological Sciences at Western Michigan University, USA

Non-scientific Interests: I enjoy swimming, reading fantasy, fiction, and horror books, as well as watching movies in my free time.

Brief Bio: After my graduation from India, I completed my M.S in Biological Sciences at Western Michigan University, under the supervision of Dr. Yan Lu. While working in her lab I developed a keen interest in Cell and Molecular Biology. During my years there, I learned a lot of techniques, accumulated knowledge and gained experience to start my next stage. Today I am pursuing a career in the same field to continue working on what I enjoy the most.