Recognizing Plant Direct author Antoni Sanchez-Ortiz

Antoni Sanchez-Ortiz first author of Water stress assessment on grapevines by using classification and regression trees

Current Position: Professor and Winemaker

Education: Degree in Chemistry, Degree in Enology, MS in Human Nutrition and Metabolism

Non-scientific Interests: Bonsai and Forest Bathing

Brief bio:

I was born in December 4th, 1978 in the Spain’s Pyrenees. After my previous studies, I majored in analytical chemistry in the University of Barcelona after working in corrosion of automobile engines and intercoolers using the Swaat Tecnique. Quickly I developed a GC-MS (gas chromatography-mass spectroscopy) method at Henkel Düsseldorf chemical plant in Germany. It was there where I took a course of wine tasting and began my interest in the discovery of quality wines. In the following years, after studying Enology within the University of Tarragona and the University Victor Segalen in Bordeaux (France) at the Faculty of Oenology, I graduated as a winemaker at 23 years of age. For 19 years now I have worked full time within the demanding context of producing world-class wines, both as a winemaker and as a viticulturist in the renowned AOC Priorat, Spain, with the achievement of the best rated red wine in Tarragona AOC in 2011. I am known for obtaining outstanding fine wines with a unique personality.
My conviction that great wine results from an intimate knowledge of the land arises from additional experience in vineyard management and climate warming PhD studies within the Viticulture Department at the Faculty of Enology in Tarragona, Spain.
My professionalism, language skills and technical expertise would make myself a valuable addition to any winery internationally.