Recognizing Plant Cell first authors: Julio Sáez-Vásquez

Julio Sáez-Vásquez, first author of Ribosome biogenesis in plants: from functional 45S rDNA organization to ribosome assembly factors

Current Position: CNRS Researcher (DR2), LGDP UMR5096 CNRS-UPVD

Education: PhD Université de Perpignan (UPVD), France

Non-scientific Interests: Music, biking & swimming

Brief bio: I have been working in plant biology since my undergraduate studies at the Universidad Austral de Chile (UACh), first on plant cold adaptation and then on virus resistance. During my PhD, under the supervision of Dr. M. Delseny at the University of Perpignan, I worked to identify cold inducible genes in B. napus. Then, for my postdoc I decided to join the laboratory of Dr. CS Pikaard at Washington University to work on RNA Pol I holoenzyme from B. oleracea. After 5 years in Craig’s lab, I returned to France, joined first the team of Dr. M. Echeverria to work on processing of rRNA precursors and obtained a stable CNRS research position. Since then, I have been working in ribonucleoprotein factors involved in nucleolus and rDNA dynamics in Arabidopsis thaliana plants.