Recognizing Plant Cell authors: Yi Zhang

Yi Zhang, co-first author of An Alternative Splicing Variant of PtRD26 Delays Leaf Senescence by Regulating Multiple NAC Transcription Factors in Populas 

Current Position: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Tree Breeding by Molecular Design (BAIC-TBMD), Beijing Forestry University, Beijing, China

Education: Ph.D. (2015-2018)from Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Beijing, China

Non-scientific Interests: cycling sports, Basketball, Cate

Brief bio: I started my scientific career in Institute of Plant Protection, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, where I received M.S. and Ph.D. degrees. During this period, I worked on plant-pathogen interaction. In 2018, I joined the research team of Prof. Hongwei Guo and Dr. Zhonghai Li at BAIC-TBMD, Beijing Forestry University, to continue my scientific career as a postdoctoral fellow, and focus on the relationship between plant ageing and plant immunity and the underlying molecular regulatory mechanisms.