Recognizing Plant Cell authors: Veder Garcia

Veder Garcia, first author of TRIPP is a Plant-specific Component of the Arabidopsis TRAPPII Membrane Trafficking Complex with Important Roles in Plant Development

Current Position: Scientist, Seer Inc. Redwood City, California, USA


BS Biological Sciences with Honors in Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics, University of Maryland-College Park, USA

PhD Plant Biology, University of California-Berkeley, USA

Non-Scientific Interests: I enjoy cooking delicious Salvadoran food, watching foreign movies, and traveling.

Brief Bio: I fell in love with science during my undergraduate studies at the University of Maryland-College Park, where I conducted an undergraduate thesis project investigating the development of Charales, a green algae that is the closest relative of land plants. From there, I moved on to complete my PhD in Plant Biology as a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Gilliam fellow at the University of California-Berkeley. During my PhD, using genetic, molecular, and biochemical approaches I studied photosynthetic protein complex assembly. To further strengthen my background in protein biology I completed postdoctoral training with Dr. Zhi-Yong Wang at the Carnegie Institution for Science (Stanford, CA), in which I used proteomic approaches to identify and contribute to our understanding of protein trafficking components in plants. Currently, as a scientist at Seer Inc, I am using proteomic methods to identify early disease biomarkers to improve human health.