Recognizing Plant Cell authors: Taro Kimura

Taro Kimura, first author of Arabidopsis ROOT PHOTOTROPISM2 is a Light-Dependent Dynamic Modulator of Phototropin1

Current Position: Post-doctoral researcher at Niigata University

Education: Ph.D, Master of Science and BSc at Niigata University

Non-scientific Interests: reading, driving, baseball

Brief bio: I met the world of molecular biology at the class of biology in high school. It was so impressed that the words of molecular biology logically explained the wonder of living organisms and this experience have been my motivation for research. I’m especially interested in how living organisms sense the word and integrate environmental information into their own responses. I have sought the answer of this question through the research on the phototropic response of Arabidopsis thaliana with the supervision of Prof. Tatsuya Sakai at Niigata University and with the financially support from JSPS fellowship.