Recognizing Plant Cell authors: Sara Izquierdo Zandalinas

Sara Izquierdo Zandalinas, first author of Vascular bundles mediate systemic reactive oxygen signaling during light stress in Arabidopsis

Current Position: Senior Research Assistant at the Bond Life Sciences Center, University of Missouri, USA

Education: PhD in Sciences at the University Jaume I of Castellon, Spain; B.Sc. in Biotechnology at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain

Non-scientific Interests: travelling, nature, music

Brief bio: During her PhD, Sara studied physiological, molecular and metabolomics responses of citrus and Arabidopsis plants to a combination of different abiotic stresses. After completing her PhD and driven by her interest in abiotic stress combination, Sara joined the lab of Dr. Ron Mittler at the University of North Texas in 2017 and then at the University of Missouri in 2018. During this period, Sara expanded her studies to include plant responses to multifactorial stress combination, as well as systemic signaling in plants mediated by the respiratory burst oxidase homolog D (RBOHD)-dependent ROS wave. Her current research aims to further dissect the systemic signaling and systemic acquired acclimation responses of plants during episodes of different environmental stresses (e.g. high light intensity, heat stress or wounding), as well as their combination.