Recognizing Plant Cell authors: Qian Zhang

Qian Zhang, co-first author of IbBBX24 Promotes the Jasmonic Acid Pathway and Enhances Fusarium Wilt Resistance in Sweet Potato

Current Position: PhD Candidate, Department of Plant Genetics, Breeding and Seed Science, College of Agronomy and Biotechnology, China Agricultural University, Beijing, China

Education: PhD at China Agricultural University /College of. Agronomy and Biotechnology, Beijing, China; Bachelor’s degree from Southwest University/College of. Agronomy and Biotechnology, Chongqing, China

Non-scientific Interests: table tennis, reading, music

Brief bio: I am a 4th-Year PhD candidate on plant breeding and genetics at College of Agriculture and Biotechnology, China Agricultural University and the Key Laboratory of Sweet Potato Biology and Biotechnology of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs under the supervision of Prof. Shaozhen He. My research mainly focuses on molecular mechanisms of sweet potato resistance and development regulation. I have published 5 SCI papers about sweet potato as a co-author and was awarded the National Doctoral Scholarship of China in 2018. Under Prof. He’s supervision, I and my fellow lab-mates have identified a number of genes involved in the regulation of abiotic or biotic stress resistance in sweet potato. My dissertation focuses on two genes significantly resistant to abiotic stress and pathogen infection. In the current paper, our research shows that a sweet potato B-box (BBX) family transcription factor, IbBBX24, plays a pivotal role in regulating JA biosynthesis and signaling, increasing Fusarium wilt resistance and yield in sweet potato. IbBBX24 also participates in the JA pathway by modulating the JAZ-MYC module in sweet potato. In addition, the interactions between JA signaling and different F. oxysporum f. sp. in plants is discussed in the paper.







个人简介:我目前在中国农业大学农学院农业农村部甘薯生物学与生物技术重点实验室何绍贞教授指导下攻读博士学位,主要进行甘薯抗逆相关基因的克隆及功能验证等方面的研究。我已经以共同作者的身份参与发表了5篇甘薯相关的SCI论文并于2018年获得了中国博士生国家奖学金。目前的主要工作是验证两个具有明显非生物胁迫抗性及真菌病抗性的基因的功能。在本研究中,我们发现甘薯B-box (BBX)家族转录因子IbBBX24能够结合在茉莉酸信号转导途径关键基因IbJAZ10和IbMYC2的启动子上,抑制IbJAZ10但激活IbMYC2的表达。同时IbBBX24可以直接与IbJAZ10相互作用,从而减轻IbJAZ10对IbMYC2活性的抑制作用。IbBBX24在调控甘薯中茉莉酸生物合成和信号转导、提高甘薯蔓割病抗性和产量方面起着关键作用。研究还对茉莉酸与植物中不同F. oxysporum f. sp.之间的相互作用进行了讨论。