Recognizing Plant Cell authors: Joseph Gage

Joseph Gage, first author of Ten Years of the maize Nested Association Mapping Population: Impact, Limitations, and Future Directions

Current Position: NSF Postdoctoral Fellow in the Buckler Lab at Cornell University

Education: B.S. in Plant Sciences and Communications from Cornell University; M.S. in Biometry and Ph.D. in Plant Breeding and Plant Genetics from University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Non-scientific Interests: running, hiking, rock climbing, cooking

Brief bio: I began my undergraduate studies as a Communications major, and through a series of fortunate accidents, I ended up doing research in a plant genetics lab! I added Plant Sciences as a major, and went on to work for a seed company for a year after college.  Following that, I began my Ph.D. in Natalia de Leon’s lab at UW-Madison, where I studied phenotyping methods, inflorescence architecture, and genotype-by-environment interactions.  Starting in 2018, I joined the Buckler Lab at Cornell University, where I now work on integrating novel phenotyping methods and quantitative -omics.